Cumberland Valley Model Yacht Club


We will have club races this year! All we need is a little more patience from our members. The first race is scheduled for the first Saturday in July.

The dredging of the lake is done. The next phase is to repair the wall that surrounds the lake. The masons who will be doing the work cannot get it done unless the current level is dropped by two feet, so this will happen next, probaly starting next week. When they are done, the lake will refill naturally, and racing will resume.

There sill be two race courses set up, one for the Dragon Force sailors, and another, larger one for the EC-12 sailors.

We have set our race dates and times for the upcoming year.

About Us

The Cumberland Valley Model Yacht Club (CVMYC) is an informal group of model sailboat enthusiasts who enjoy radio control model sailboat racing.  The club welcomes members young and old.

We are a newly formed and exciting remote-controlled model sailboat racing club. We will sail our remote-controlled boats on the lake in City Park, Hagerstown, Maryland, during the sailing season from April-October. It has been said by the radio controlled sailing community that this lake is one of the finest on the East Coast.


Exciting model yacht race 

The Cumberland Valley Model Yacht Club is open to the young and old. Many remote-control sailors have had some experience with "big boat" sailing or with radio controlled cars or airplanes, but such experience is not necessary to enjoy this hobby.

Remote-controlled sailboats are eco-friendly – quiet and clean. They are powered only by the wind. radio controlled sailboats have no motors or propellers and do not pollute. The transmitters and receivers are battery powered.


Model yachts being sprayed in a fountain

A major goal of the club is to compete in a friendly atmosphere. We use a start clock for the countdown and race around marker buoys in a set course. We may race anywhere from 8-18 races per on our race days. We will race during the sailing season of April – October.  We may race from 8-18 races a day.  We will start racing at 10:00 a.m. and conclude at 2:00 p.m., with a lunch break midway through. Our club members are eager to help new members get started with this serene and also adrenaline-rushing hobby.


Geese and a model yacht

Remote-control sailing includes purchasing and assembly of a new almost-ready-to-sail boat kit with transmitter and receiver. Boat kits may be bought from Amazon or Dragon Sailing and cost around $150-$200, when you add in the purchase of a shortened keel.

 Model yacht racing on a serene day

Remote-control model yacht sailing is a hobby to have fun with a group of friends and fellow enthusiasts. To join the Cumberland Valley Model Yacht Club, one Is also required to join the American Model Yachting Association. This organization is the national organization for model yachting in the United States. It publishes a quarterly magazine dedicated to model yachting, and oversees national and regional championships in over 20 classes of yachts.

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Fun Sailing Dragon Force RG 65's around our home lake at Hagerstown City Park

The rudder and sails are radio controlled, but the boats are propelled by the wind, just like a full sized sailboat.