Friendship Regatta VI

Greetings Skippers,

Here is the summary and regatta report for this past Saturday's EC-12 races at the Friendship VI Regatta in Chambersburg, PA.

Summary of Friendship Regatta VI
Class:  EC-12
Date:  May 21
Location:  Reflection Lake Penn Hall (Chambers Pointe) Chambersburg, PA
Host Clubs:  White Rose Model Yacht Club and State College Model Yacht Club
# of Entries  7
Winds:  Northerly light
Races Completed:  25
Scoring System:  Low point
Regatta committee & Valuable Assistants:  Score Keeper, Nick Krawczak; Menno Haven coordinator, Helen Keckler;  Race Director, Mike Cavanaugh

Friendship Regatta VI Results
Place  Skipper        Sail #      Points
1  Mike Cavanaugh     2008        42
2  Jim Schaefer       1853        52
3  Terry Lamb         1719        56


More pictures here.

Of the original seven who signed up, three of us were lakeside at the revised start time.  Light to moderate rain fell throughout the day. The temperature never rose above the mid 50s.   Northerly breezes were light, with the 'usual variations' due to topography and the surrounding structures and trees.

All three of us enjoyed ourselves immensely.  TR Lamb brought a tent so we often sailed from under cover.  Hot coffee/pastries/water and fruit/juices were available in the gazebo lakeside throughout the day, compliments of Menno Haven.  The hot coffee was particularly welcome.

To our surprise we had completed 13 races when we broke near midday.  Seemingly unstoppable, Jim Schaefer, took the first four races.  Hard to believe this was his first EC-12 regatta!  By race 13 Mike Cavanaugh pulled even with Jim; and TR Lamb was just 6 points off the pace.

It was comfortably warm and dry in the Laurel Room. Menno Haven Culinary Services served us boxed lunches and hot and cold beverages.  But TR was particularly anxious to get back to racing, so we expeditiously resumed racing.  .  .  in the rain.  All penalty turns were readily ‘spun’.   And our novice scorekeeper, Nick Krawczak (CVMYC) did a superb job clearly oblivious to the rain.

We got in 25 races -- easy to do when there are just three skippers, no delays for equipment and the last  boat in any given race was never very far behind.

We began wrapping it up by about 1430.  The birds were still ‘singing in the rain’ as they had been all day.  The rhodendrum and phlox were all in full bloom on an overcast, rainy and fun day of racing.

Neither the boats nor the skippers seemed deterred by the cool dampness.  At the end of the day Mike Cavanaugh had 14 bullets and 42 points; followed by Jim Schaefer with 6 bullets and 52 points; TR Lamb was third with 5 bullets and 56 points.

Friendship VII is tentatively scheduled for late Spring 2017.

God bless,


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