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The Cumberland Valley Model Yacht Club (CVMYC) is a group of model sailboat enthusiasts who enjoy radio control model sailboat racing.  The club welcomes members young and old.

We are an exciting model sailboat racing club. We will sail our remote-controlled boats on the lake in City Park, Hagerstown, Maryland during the sailing season from April-October. It has been said by the radio controlled sailing community that this lake is one of the finest on the East Coast.


Exciting model yacht race 

Many remote-control sailors have had some experience with "big boat" sailing or with radio controlled cars or airplanes, but such experience is not necessary to enjoy this hobby. We are also attracting newcomers to the sport. The two classes we race are the Dragon Force 65's and the EC-12's. If you have a different model yacht, you are welcome on one of our informal sailing days, but you will  not be able to race with us.

Remote-controlled sailboats are quiet and clean. They are powered only by the wind. These sailboats have no motors or propellers. The transmitters and receivers are battery powered. Competition arises from how well you can "tune" your boat (that is, adjust the shape of the sails), and how accurately you can navigate the breezes and make your way around the course.

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Our EC-12 Fleet is Expanding!

Our races are attracting EC-12 skippers. One, by one, our members are purchasing their own EC-12's in order to participate in the afternoon racing. If you are an EC-12 owner, give some thought to joining our club and getting in on the action!

One of our members, Jarl Wathne, has been acquiring used EC-12's so that anyone who wants to race them can purchase one easily from him at a fair price. Contact him via the "Contact" panel on the menu.


EC-12 Regatta


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Dragon Force 65 sailing includes purchasing and assembly of a kit with transmitter and receiver. These kits may be bought from Dragon Sailing and cost around $300, when you add in the purchase of a shortened keel. If you are interested in sailing an EC-12, talk to Jarl, our commodore.

Our racing schedule is for EC 12 and Dragon Force 65 yachts only. If you have another type of yacht, you can purchase a Dragon Force 65 yacht easily here. We use the short keels in our pond, so be sure to get one, too. You can bring any yacht to our practice sessions on Wednesdays.


  Model yacht racing on a serene day


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