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We race two classes: the Dragon Force 65, and the East Coast 12, a.k.a. EC 12. Owners of other types of radio controlled sailboats are welcome to come and show us what you have, but they will not be permitted in races.

We currently have two Dragon Force 65's, completely built, available in Harrisburg, PA. We also have two EC-12's available for sale. Check HERE for details. You will probably have to purchase and install the short keel for the DF's, and one of the EC-12's requires work to sail.


The Dragon Force 65 comes in a kit, and you can get it HERE. You will have to purchase a short keel in addition to the kit, because our lake is too shallow for the longer keel that comes with the kit. Please notice that it is being sold with or without a transmitter and reciever. Unless you know what you are doing, please get the transmitter and receiver. The plain, not upgraded one is fine. Club members would be more than happy to help you assemble your kit. It does come with detailed directions, but a little help is nice.

The EC 12s are available from individual owners from time to time. They are much bigger and much more expensive. If you are interested in getting into racing, it would be wise to start with the Dragon Force 65 before you consider jumping in with the EC 12. If you already own an EC 12, by all means join us and come to our races!

Here is what you need to do to join the club:

  1. Use the following link to print out the American Model Ychting Association form, and send it to them, along with your dues for that association.
  2. When you recieve your AMYA card, print out the Cumberland Valley Model Yacht Club form, fill it out, and send it to Helen Stevens, club treasurer.
  3. The envelope should include: completed CVMYC form, a copy of the front side of your AMYA card, and $20.
  4. When this is received, you will get your CVMY membership card, and become part of this growing club!
  5. If you choose to race a Dragon Force RG65, you must have a sail number on your sail. Information for getting this is below.

The Cumberland Valley Model Yacht Club

Please use the application form and mail it, along with a check for your menbership fee, to:

Helen Stevens
14028 Village Mill Drive
Apt 301
Maugansville, MD 21767
If you have any questions, please contact us here.

Membership Application For the Cumberland Valley Model Yacht Club

$20 per year


The American Model Yachting Association

To join the Cumberland Valley Model Yacht Club, one is also required to join the American Model Yachting Association (AMYA).  This organization is the national organization for model yachting in the United States.  It publishes a quarterly magazine dedicated to model yachting and oversees national and regional championships in over 20 classes of yachts.

One of the major benefits of belonging to the AMYA is that our club acquires pond liability insurance through this Association.

Membership Application For the American Model Yachting Association


You will need the club name and number for the form.

Cumberland Valley Model Yacht Club, #347

Sail Number For the Dragon Force RG 65 - Apply Here

One time fee of $7

Many Model Sailboats