Penn Hall - Reflection Lake

2-38 Lakewood Ct

Chamberburg, Pa 17201

Model sailboat racing in Chambersburg, PA will be held from time to time on Reflection Lake at the Penn Hall Campus of Menno Village. Check here for details.

Google maps recognizes S Penn Hall Drive as a destination.  

From Hagerstown take  I-81 North to Exit 17 (Walker Road) in Chambersburg. Go left at the exit stop light.  Stay straight onto Norland Ave. until you get to Rt 11.

Make a right angle turn right on RT 11.

Just past Wilson College, (1 block) You will spot a sign that says "Private Road" on the left. Turn left onto the private road. 

It is actually S Penn Hall Drive.  This is the entrance to the Penn Hall Campus that leads most directly to Reflection Lake.

Go about two blocks onto the campus and turn right at the sign indicating Deliveries.  Park in any unmarked space.  The lake is just down the slope past the gazebo on the left.