Mike's Class - May 31 2017

A truly beautiful day for sailing at Friendship Pond!  Bright sunshine and pretty clouds, songbirds were singing cheerfully and in the shade the gentle breeze felt good.

    Kay Gauthier with her 'new' beautiful bright yellow Nirvana 32:  first time she had her on the water.  First time she ran her aground.  Many successful circumnavigations of the Pond.   Extremely successful maiden voyage!
    Pat Byers with her brand new DF 65 - white hull and sails - named the Dragon Lady - also a first time on the water event.  First time she ran the Dragon Lady aground:  discovered an uncharted obstacle the hard way.  At least three or four very successful circumnavigations of Friendship Pond.  Very pretty boat!  A great day!
    Clyde Williams sailing his DF 65 - yet another of his Casper named boats - black hull and gold striping.  Found shoal water a couple times:  and moved around the circumference of the pond successfully .  .  .  often!
    Bruce Longenecker sailed his red hulled blue sail T-37 and also float tested his lovely Chesapeake drake tail.  Sailing skill developing steadily.  Came to the pond directly after having the Boathouse sign installed at Chambers Pointe - superbly hand carved in cedar!
    Charlie Caskey showing off his lovely blue and white Sea Wind, the fastest boat on the Pond.  Charlie continues to hone his sailing skills.
    Jack Adams up from West Virginia sailing his DF 65 with his usual skill.  He also put his magnificent scale model tug to good use assisting a stranded boat at the fountain head.  And the tug's  'sound system' (motor rumbles and horn blasts) tested satisfactorily -- the the amusement and enjoyment of all.
    Mike Cavanaugh sailing his Black hulled - yellow striped DF 65.  Ran her aground again.  .  .  only once.
    Craig and Glenna Heckert enjoying 'the scene'!

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There were a couple 'interactions' between boats and a few near misses, but the vast majority of the sailing went extremely well with the winds varying from 1 or 2mph to 4 or 6 mph.  Six buoys were deployed to provide a course to sail.  Next time we will try sailing counterclockwise around the Pond!  (Humor intended)  It was a fine Sailing Practice day at the Pond.

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