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Valley Mall Boat Show

February 17, 2018


Whipple Dam

Whipple Dam State Park, 2013, courtesy of MIke Cavanaugh


Images From Scott Smith

Dragon Force Completed and 50-inch Marblehead, Work in Progress

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Valkyrie Project Update January 2017

I've completed the rigging (see photo 6). Though I'm not satisfied with it. I've ordered adjustable turn buckles from Long Beach RC. This will allow independent adjustment on the four stays. Once rigging is corrected and simplified then onto paint. Thinking of a forest green hull. Can't wait til Spring. Maiden voyage may have to be Chambersburg since City Park looks like June. Sounds like City Park when finished could be a top notch sailing site.


Model schooner sailing on Reflection Lake in Chambersburg, PA. Video taken on an iPad Mini, courtesy of Mike Cavanaugh.


The Shamrock V, owned by Jarle Wathne, sailing In Hagerstown Pond, MD.

This is a J boat called the Shamrock V, owned by Jarle Wathne. It is a replica of a British boat that was the challenger for the America's Cup races in 1930. She lost to Enterprise. Of note is that the design on the side is of a horse headed sea dragon.

It is 1/16 scale of the original, with a hull length of 7 1/2 feet, mast height is 9 feet, and the whole boat weighs 75 pounds.

Video courtesy of Mike Cavanaugh

sailing under autumn leaves

Autumn Sailing - Mike Cavanaugh


Sailing at Friendship Pondi/t*h

 Sailing at Friendship Pond by Mike Cavanaugh


Race Start at Friendship Pond - Mike Cavanaugh





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