Cumberland Valley Model Yacht Club

Race Results - July 2, 2016

Another fun-filled day of sailing and racing at the lake in Hagerstown City Park!  The sun shone brightly and the winds were fair.  Seven Dragon Force RG-65 boats raced in the morning.  In the afternoon, we had a one-on-one coaching session for our newer members.  Then practice racing, and saw the growth of confidence and sailing acumen in all.

Race results for the morning RG-65 races is as follows:             

              Place      Points                Sailor                    Sail No.

               1st          9                   Jarl Wathne                 88
               2nd         18                  TR Lamb                    719
               3rd          21                  Mike Cavanaugh        01
               4th          27                  Nick Krawczak            04
               5th          35                  Jack Adams                24
               6th          38                  Steve Ott                    54
               7th          51                  Helen Stevens            65

Our next race day is Saturday, August 6, 2016.  Mark your calendars.  Again, we look forward to seeing EVERY club member at the lake.

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