First Race of the Season, Thanks to All!

Saturday, April 2, was a successful start of the 2016 sailing season for the new Cumberland Valley Model Yacht Club on the Lake at Hagerstown Park!

There were seven Dragon Force RG-65 boats racing in the morning and four EC-12 boats racing in the afternoon.

The commodore, TR Lamb, gives a hearty thanks to all who came and helped make this a day to remember.

The results of the six RG-65 races are:            
1st place:  Jarl Wathne (sail #88)                
2nd place:  Jim Shaffer (sail #19)                
3rd place:  Mike Cavanaugh/ Gail Krawczak (sail #01)    
4th place:  Nick Krawczah (sail #04)            
5th place:  Mike McEwen (sail #25)
6th place:  Steve Ott (sail #54)
7th place:  Helen Stevens (sail # 65)


The results of the four EC-12 races are:
1st place:  Jarl Wathne (sail #88)
2nd place:  Mike Cavanaugh (sail #008)
3rd place:  TR Lamb (sail #1719)
4th place:  Jim Shaffer (sail #53)

By the time the EC-12 boats were racing, the winds started to blow, gusts over 20mph.  Unfortunately, Mike Cavanaugh experienced a breakdown of his sail winch that caused him to withdraw from the final race. TR’s boat did a complete turtle nose dive but recovered and continued to place second.  However that was due in part to the two fastest boats that were over early at the start.  Further racing was suspended due to all “A” sails in excessive winds.

Results are as follows:

RG 65


You will need a spreadsheet program to read the results.  If you don't have Microsoft Office, then try Open Office Calc.

Check out the photos of this event!