September and October 2016

The first season for the Cumberland Valley Model Yacht Club has come to a close. And what a successful season it has been!  Not only did we sign up thirteen sailors for our club, but the Hagerstown City Council granted us permission to use the lake in City Park with no fees or undesired restrictions.  AND the lake in City Park is going to be dredged over the winter months to make it much deeper (good for longer keels and bigger boats) – during which time we can study up on our sailing rules and strategies.

As part of the annual Hagerstown Fall Fest this September, our demonstration of model boat racing was fun for both sailors and walkers-by.  We even got two (maybe more) people to join the Club.  At one point, we had nine sailors racing their Dragon Force RG-65 boats.  Mid-day, Jarl Wathne awed us all by sailing his beautiful red J Boat with the Dragons.  Added to that was Mike Cavanaugh’s beautiful wooden schooner that he built from scratch.  We were certainly treated with a variety of wonderful model boats that day!

Jarle with his super-sailer

Sunday, October 2, was our final race day for the season.  And what a gorgeous afternoon:  sunny with good winds – and no drifters!   There were six boats that raced for 15 heats.  The competition was keen, especially between the second and third place winners.  Their rankings were determined not only by who had first place bullets (both had 2) but also by how many times each boat placed second and third.  Both boats tied with the number of times they placed second, so the number of third places determined the outcome.  It was that close!

Place       Points         Sailor                       Sail Number

1             21           Mike Cavanaugh               08
2             34           TR Lamb                         719
3             40           Jim Schaefer                    53
4             53           Jack Adams                     24
5             74           Mike McEwen                  25
6             79           Mike Gellar                      57

Sailboat menagerie