Race Day May 7 2016 – Commodore’s Report

We had a nice showing with lots of excitement.  There were seven Dragon Force RG-65’s. Hot racing with fluky winds, which were hard to read for all.  Only accomplished five races, but still lots of fun and good sportsmanship.

There were only five races because of such light air.  I was planning not to race my RG-65 so I could help others.  But at the last minute with lots of encouragement, the group convinced me to race.  Well, having two RG-65’s to choose from, I picked my old sail number #719 and gave Mike Cavanaugh the number 10.  As it turned out and unbeknown to me at the time, Mike had tuned the #719 expecting to sail it, but got stuck with the other, untuned boat, #10.  Hence, our southern commodore (me) got three firsts, one second and one third.  Mike Cavanaugh came in second by only one point.  Below are the race results.  Thanks, Mike, you can my boat anytime!

The RG-65 race results are:

  • 1st place:  TR Lamb (sail #719)
  • 2nd place:  Mike Cavanaugh (sail #10/01)
  • 3rd place:   Jim Schaefer (sail #53)
  • 4th place:  Mike McEwen (sail #25)
  • 5th place:  Steve Ott (sail #54)
  • 6th place:  Nick Krawczak (sail #04)
  • 7th place:  Helen Stevens (sail #65)

The EC-12 fleet was a little small - only three boats showed up as two other EC-12 boats were not able to come.  We got in nine races with lots of back and forth.  The wind picked up to make it a real contest. The northern commodore, Mike Cavanaugh, racing his own well-tuned boat got seven firsts, one second and one third.

The EC-12 race results are:

  • 1st place:  Mike Cavanaugh (sail #008)
  • 2nd place:  TR Lamb (sail #1719)
  • 3rd place:  Jim Schaefer (sail #1853)

The day ended on a rather exciting note.  As TR Lamb tried to untangle two boats, he managed to flip the rescue skiff dunking him into the lake (and muck).  Everyone, including spectators, helped haul him back to dry land.  

Terry takes a swim

Terry Takes a Swim