Cumberland Valley Model Yacht Club
Race Results
June 4, 2016


Fantastic day again.  Eight heats, nine boats for the RG-65 and lots of great racing.
EC-12:  Seven heats and four boats all really close, except the commodore was last again.
Rank does not have privilege with this group, fun only!
Great day. Many thanks to our score keeper.  Hot coffee and donuts, none left to take home.
Next race day is July 2.  Mark your calendars.
We are growing and doing well, so keep it up.



Dragon Force RG-65


   Place       Points        Sailor                  Sail No.

1st place        11       Jarl Wathne                88    

2nd place       14       TR Lamb                    719

3rd place        15       Mike Cavanaugh        01

4th place        31       David Littleton            259

5th place        35       Nick Krawczak            04

6th place        38       Mike McEwen             525

7th place        46       Jack Adams                24

8th place        48       Steve Ott                     254

9th place        62       Gale Krawczak            05


Place          Points        Sailor                  Sail No.

1st place         7        Jarl Wathne                88

2nd place        15      Mike Cavanaugh        008

3rd place        22       David Littleton            2108

4th place        26       TR Lamb                    1719

RG 65 Race start