Race Results September 3, 2016

September 3rd was a beautiful day for sailing.  Sunny skies with pleasant temperatures.  The winds, however, were “a bit” fluky:  at times about 4 or

5 knots and at other times gusting up to about 12 knots.  Racing was never predictable!

There were nine Dragon Force RG-65 boats racing in the morning.  Six RG-65’s raced again in the afternoon, as there weren’t enough EC-12’s to compete then.

Vice Commodore, Jarl Wathne, won both sets of races, with Mike Cavanaugh coming in at a close second in each set.  Congratulations, guys!

Race results for the morning RG-65 races are below.

Place    Sail No.                  Points                        Sailor

1            88                         13                          Jarl Wathne
2              8                        14.2                        Mike Cavanaugh
3            53                         28                          Jim Schaefer
4            32                         04                          Nick Krawczak
5          719                        33                          TR Lamb
6           38                         25                          Mike McEwen
7           24                         42                          Jack Adams
8           54                         65                          Steve Ott
9           65                         67                          Helen Stevens

Race results for the afternoon RG-65 races are below.

Place      Sail No.        Points                           Sailor

1              88                   9                           Jarl Wathne
2               8                  15                           Mike Cavanaugh
3            719                 26                           TR Lamb
4             53                  27                           Jim Schaefer
5             24                  30                           Jack Adams
6             04                  39                           Nick Krawczak

The end of the day brought with it some unplanned excitement.  When Jarl went to return the rescue boat, he saw that the chain to tie it up to a tree was gone!

Jack valiantly went to two stores to purchase a 14 ft. chain, which was used to successfully tie up the boat!  While waiting for Jack to return, Jarl made the most of that time, as you can see.

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Hagerstown Fall Fest is coming!  Saturday, September 17,  from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.   Again, we are officially a part of the festivities and we hope to have EVERYONE participate!   Even if you don’t feel like racing, please come and bring a boat (or two).

Our final race for the year is Saturday, October 1, 2016.  Please mark your calendars.

As a finale to the year, we are planning to have a Christmas/End-of-the-Season party on Saturday, December 3 at the Lamb residence. Contact Terry for details.

Jarle Relaxing while waiting for chain


Exciting race

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