Friendship Regatta VII at Menno Haven

May 6, 2017

Race Director Mike Cavanaugh

Reflection Lake - Menno Haven - Chambersburg, PA
Hosted by the Menno Haven Model Yacht Club

11 Entries
swirly winds 1-10 mph
16 races completed Low point scoring/ 2 throw outs

Menno Haven flag

Regatta Committee and Valuable assistants:
Scorekeeper: Anne Cavanaugh
Assistant Race Directors: Jerry Rafter and Terry Lamb (slippery slope launch/recover expert)
Menno Haven representatives: Donna Starliper, Helen Keckler, Kristen Vander-Woude, Brittany Ford, and Sandy Palladino. Menno Haven Grounds team, Menno Haven Culinary team, Security, Chambers Pointe PEP and Menno Haven Marketing all worked to make the day go smoothly.

Summary of Racing:

As the morning racing started in a light rain the temperature was around 50 degrees with the wind widely variable ranging in speed from 1-10 mph. The prevailing direction was southwest almost the entire length of Reflection Lake throughout the day. This enabled a long windward run from the start line. The course included an offset to the windward mark and an S turn in the middle of the lake before heading for the leeward mark. From the leeward mark to the start/ finish line was a short run but many a race was decided along this last run.

There were plenty of challenges for the 11 Skippers with the varying of the wind in speed and direction and the six sailing legs that constituted the course. Jarl Wathne completely dominated the fleet with only three second place finishes in 16 races. He put on quite a tutorial on how to sail a challenging course. John Kircher was in the running for a second place overall finish until parting his main sheet resulting in a string of 4 DNS which dropped him to 6th.

Novice racing skipper Jack Adams held the edge on second place into the afternoon, but Jim Schaefer tied by race #13 and then bested Jack in the last three races of the day copping 2nd place. Jack held on to third followed by David Littleton and Nick Krawczak who tied for fourth place. David’s 2nd place finish in Race #11 gave him fourth place, while Nick came in 5th in his first regatta as a racing skipper. In Nick’s first regatta he served as Scorekeeper for Friendship VI in 2016. Scott Smith took 7th place in his first regatta, showing moments of excellence with no less than three second place finishes! Harley Fisher, Bob Whitaker, Bud Wolfe and Helen Stevens, participating in her first regatta, rounded out the fleet.

Overcast with rain the entire day, might sound unpleasant, but five tent canopies framing the walkway overlooking the lake provided a sheltered vantage point from which to watch or sail. That and hot coffee/tea and goodies through the morning made for a gentle, albeit chilly morning that totaled 8 races.

But it was warm and dry in the dining area where Chambers Pointe culinary team ably led by Kristin Vander-Woode handed out our box lunches, warm drinks, and assorted fruits available — table cloths and cloth napkins — and the Menno Haven Model Yacht Club burgee (sewn by Sandy Nelson) was displayed above the serving table.

By the start of the afternoon the breeze diminished by about 3 mph but continued to provide variations in direction and speed. The light rain also eased a bit, but never really stopped. By Race #16 the Skippers had about had enough sailing for the day. Hand made trophies produced by Mike Cavanaugh were presented by Donna Starliper, Executive Director of Chambers Pointe, to the top three finishers.


Jarl Wathne              15 (13 bullets)
Jim Schaefer             42 (2 bullets)
Jack Adams             49 (1 bullet)
David Littleton           65 Tie for 4th place resolved by number of 2nd place finishes.
                                    David had one more than Nick.
Nick Krawczak         65
John Kircher             75                                     4
Scott Smith             100
Harley Fisher           103
Bob Whitaker           111                                    6
Bud Wolfe                118
Helen Stevens          121                                    4


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