Dog Daze of Summer - August 25, 2016

Here is a report on the Dragon Force 65 (CVMYC and Menno Haven MYC) sailing/racing aspect of the Dog Daze of Summer held at Chambers Pointe, Menno Haven, Thursday, August 25th:

Skipper                Sail Number        Total Score       Bullets

TR Lamb                              719                       32                     11
Nick Krawczak                       04                       53                      3
Jim/Liam Schaefer                53                       64                      1
Mike Cavanaugh               No number             69                       2
Jack Adams                           24                      80                       1
Mike McEwen                        25                      98                        1

Menno Haven was celebrating Dog Daze of Summer with various events going on at the Penn Hall / Chambers Pointe campus including Rita’s Italian Ice; an obstacle course; and various contests. Director of Plant Operations for Menno Haven was seen grilling the sausages for the event — superb!!

We were provided with box lunches (excellent);  and cold drinks throughout the day.  Racing was interrupted on one occasion as Italian ices were provided/delivered for all hands (the flavor of your choice) by Katie Ackerman, Director of Life Enrichment.

We completed 19 races.  Clyde Williams served as official score keeper.  The breeze was pretty good, generally southerly in the 2-5 mph range much of the day with wide variations in both speed and direction depending where you were on the lake.  The day started very pleasantly and became hot:  the two shelters (one provided by Menno Haven and the second by TR Lamb) helped immensely by providing welcome shade.

Though not racing, Jeff Sanford provided some excitement after test sailing his new Sea Wind.  He let resident Charles Caskey sail her.  Charlie was so taken with the boat Jeff surprised everyone and gave him the boat!  Talk about delight!  Charlie went away wondering aloud how he was going to explain this to his wife!

The new Menno Haven Chaplain Lori Witmer was a willing learner/novice skipper:  took control (more or less ) of Dragon # 01, and had fun sailing in several races.  New Grounds Department member, Dylan also sailed the #01 boat in several races and enjoyed it immensely.

Another woman! Yay!!

Racing Notes:  

Jack Adams scored his first bullet in Race #4, we expect many more.  

Mike McEwen missed the first four races, and came in first in Race #5.  

Six Skippers had first place finishes.  

The CVMYC Commodore, TR Lamb dominated the racing winning 11 of the 19 races.  BZ TR!!!  

Mike Cavanaugh finished his boat, the one with the white sails and no numbers, Wednesday night.  On a couple occasions he knocked the the sail control knob off  which resulted in some interesting maneuvers.  He also set the record for the longest time ‘moored’ to the windward mark.  This pesky little black ball with the yellow stripes challenged each of the skippers at some point in time during the day.

Nick Krawczak handily took second place, and his three bullets was second only to TR’s 11.  Nice job Nick!

Jim Schaefer and grandson Liam had a lot of fun taking turns sailing the 53 boat, even missing a couple races they teamed up for a 3rd place overall finish.  Liam liked the hospitality of Menno Haven — and the goodies — and was a hit with all the residents who met him.

Skippers came from Harrisburg, Carlisle, St Thomas and Chambersburg, PA; Hagerstown, MD and rural West Virginia.

A good time was had by All Hands; and we hope to be invited back next year!

Model yacht