May 13, 2017 Minutes

Ten of us met at Terry's house Saturday night, and we discussed various aspects of running the club. First and foremost, Terry mentioned that he has been doing the majority of the work of setting up for races. Due to health problems, he can no longer do that. We discussed this issue, and came up with a two-pronged solution:

1. There will no longer be coffee and doughnuts, a tent, and all the amenities that Terry has been personally carrying down to our meeting site and setting up.

2. All members will show up at 9 AM sharp on race days, and participate in the set up activities. If you want to be a member of the club, make this a priority.

Jarl made a presentation about the progress of the lake and the politics behind this project. He told us that the lake upgrade cost the city $1 million, and that they went out of their way to make the lake useful for sailboat racers. The city has a very favorable impression of our club based on our behavior last year. Please carry this on and be polite and helpful to members of the public that pass through. Please, no aggression or swearing in public. Also, if you talk to a member of the public, tell them that if they like what they see to call their city Council representative and mention that. We did that this last year, and a lot of people actually did call their city Council representative and mention their favorable impression of our activities.

Just like last year, the pagoda is off limits. The city wishes to rent this out, and if there is a party going on in the pagoda please steer clear.

If you wish to invite someone who stops by to join our club, Helen has the membership sign-up papers in her cooler. Also, all members will be given business cards with some basic information about the club and Terry's phone number to call for more information.

We expect the lake to be ready to use at the end of June.

There are was a lot of discussion as to how many races we should host and the timing of them. We settled on having our races on the second Saturday of every month, and Mike Cavanaugh said that he would adjust the timing of the MHMYC activities so that Menno Haven will not be racing on the same day as our club.

We agreed that there would be Wednesday practice sessions every week.

There was discussion of the topic of dropping one race for the season, and people started going home before this issue was resolved. Six of us voted on the idea and it was unanimous that one race would be dropped, and we agreed that this would be official because we have a quorum.