Club Race – August 19, 2017

This was our first race without Terry as our leader. Thanks to all of our participants for making it a success! Dick Messinger provided the club equipment, while Scott Smith showed up early with a tent, table and chairs. They hung our sign on the tent so that passersby could read that we were a club. Jarl went and got our skiff and when I (Helen) arrived everything was ready to go practically. My arrival was complicated by a street fair being held on Walnut and Potomac streets, and I had to drive all over town before I could find a way into the park.

We now have a box/clipboard now to hold our papers from flying away unattended, and also containing the following documents that might be handy: club business cards to hand out to interested persons. Complete sign-up packet that contains sign-up forms for the AMYA and our club, along with directions for signing up and acquiring a number for your sail. There are also some forms that potential members can fill out if they want someone to get back to them. Members should be free to help themselves to cards and forms as needed.

The day was warm with low humidity and the winds were low in the morning. In the afternoon the winds picked up and the EC 12 owners were able to have some races.

Here are the results for the Dragon Force RG 65 races

Here are the results for the EC 12 races

The participants were:

Jarl Wathne
Dick Messinger
Jack Adams
Nick Krawczak
Scott Smith
Penny Smith (score keeper)
Helen Stevens
Mike Cavanaugh

Although the path traffic was low, we could attract two or three potential new members. When someone stopped and looked interested, the club pulled together to welcome the person, explain our sport, and make sure that he had access to our website.

I think we are a great club and we will continue to thrive for the oncoming year!

boat clipart