Season 2017 Wrap up

We had a short but fun season, which was truncated by pond construction early on. Once the pond was finished, we were able to hold monthly races. The season is over now and here are the results:

Dragon Force Season Total

EC-12 Season Total

The marks have been pulled out of the pond now, and are being stored at Terry Lamb's house. We are all ready for the winter!

We are not planning a pre-Christmas get-together this year. Instead, we will have a group meeting in January at the Lamb's house. Scott Smith is working on getting us a day to have an exposition at the Valley Mall to try to attract members for the coming season. In our group meeting, we will elect, door for next year and discuss the details of our Mall Show. Have a happy holiday, and we will get together soon to discuss an even more fun season for next year. Stay tuned for updates, and have a happy Holiday season!

round sailboat