Summary of Race, September 9, 2017

The weather was perfect, partly sunny, with a breeze that was just right for racing our Dragon Force 65's

We were lucky to have attracted a new member, John Kircher. Not only was he made welcome, but he got away with 2nd place!

Terry Lamb showed up, despite his cold, and kept score for us, and Jim Schafer showed up for the first time in a long while, while Helen Stevens tried her hand at racing for the first time this summer.

Skipper                      Sail #      Place
Jarl Watne                    88            1
John Kircher                181            2
Jim Schaefer                53             3
Jack Adams                 24             4
Mike Cavanaugh            8              5
Nick Krawczak             04             6
Helen Stevens             01              7

We also attracted a photographer, Amy Orsini, who was nice enough to send us her results for our picture gallery. Click on any picture to see it large.




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