September 8, 2018

Written by Mike Cavanaugh

Attached is the 'raw' data of the race results for the CVMYC remote controlled model sailboats at City Park, Hagerstown, PA for Saturday, 8 September. It is a bit 'sloppy' but now mostly dry (😉). Boats raced were the Dragon Force 65's with short keels.

The four intrepid skippers launched boats @ 10 am in light rain with a 0-3mph breeze from the NNE, and ranging around the compass; complete with updrafts and down drafts. The temperature was in the low 50s and stayed about the same throughout the morning: CHILLY!!

The course was a right to left start to the windward mark (starboard rounding), then to an S Turn using the Start Marks and a run to the lee mark (port rounding) and back to the Finish line. Almost invariably all 4 boats were 'together' negotiating the S Turn. Some great "photo opportunities"!

The wind increased nicely to 3-7 mph, with higher gusts, and filled in during Race #3. We were treated to some of the closest racing any of us had ever experienced. Often all 4 boats were within 8-10 feet of one another. Many mark roundings involved giving way to overlapped boats. In at least one race boats 1-3 were within less than a half boat length of one another at the photo finish. It was a GREAT racing day at the Lake!

Since we completed 10 races each skippers' highest score was dropped to calculate the final results. Dropping one race changed the outcome between 1st and 2nd place. Similarly the 3rd and 4th place tie was resolved by checking the number of bullets the respective Skippers had.

Jack A had 19 points after his drop of a 4th place finish. Mike C was second with 19 points after his drop of a 3rd place finish. But Jack's 4 Bullets in 10 races resolved the tie and clinched his win for the day.
Jim and Nick both had 23 points after their respective 4th place finish drops. But Jim had one more Bullet, 3 total, to Nick's 2 Bullets. So Jim placed 3rd and Nick 4th.

Final tally for the day:
Skipper    Boat #    Final Score    Bullets
Jack A      24             19                 4
Mike C     25              19                 1
Jim S       53              23                 3
Nick K     05              23                 2

In addition to the wind freshening by Race #3 the rain also increased. So, by the end of Race #10, all were at least 'damp', a bit chilly and ready to take a break for lunch.

With the heavy rain showers continuing during and after lunch (viewed from the shelter of the lakeside Gazebo), all were of the opinion it was time to call it a day, and seek out a dry, warm place! Every skipper won at least one race. And with all the photo finishes it made for a most enjoyable racing day with friends!