Summary of Races, July 14, 2018

The day started out with Dragon Force 65 races. Since the EC12 owners were mainly absent that day, we elected to continue the Dragon Force races after lunch.

Place     Boat      Skipper     Total (2 drops)    Bullets
1.            53          Jim S.       27                     6
2.            25/1        Mike C.    29                      6
3.            24          Jack A.     41                      1
4.            419        TR Lamb   43                      0
5.           05          Nick K.      69                      3
6.           W.B.       Ian H.        97                      0
7.           65          Helen S.    98                       0

As you can see First/Second, Third/Fourth and Sixth/Seventh places were close.
16 Races: 9 before lunch. We stopped early.

Three Skippers pulled their boats around lunchtime, and place 5, 6, and 7 .

Ian H. was our 'Newbie' today, and got around the course quite well. Had battery/ power issues (unknown cause). W.B. was his boat 'designation': White Boat. He doesn't have a sail # yet.

Nick won three of the first 9 races, but had to leave at lunchtime.

The conditions were amazingly good: often we had a substantial, steady S'ly wind in the 7 to 9+ mph range. Of course there were the usual up and down drafts and periodic lulls. Challenging in tow ways: patience during lulls and shifts; and alert during gusty breezes.

The course was 'normal' with an S-turn using the start/finish line after rounding the windward mark.

Nick's Mom kept score for us. A good time was had by all hands. Ian was surprised to hear that this was a very good wind day. . .