Our First Day of Racing

We had a beautiful day for the start of the racing season. We were featured in an article in the Hagerstown Herald Mail on the Thursday before the races, and we got a number of people who turned out just because of the article. We officoally have one new member, Doug McLellean from Virginiia, who turned up with his EC-12. He has a Dragon Force 65, but he did not bring it along. We also got two or more potential members who requested the sign-up papers and seem to be very interested in joining. One of these potential new members is an eight year old girl, so if she joins we need to take special care to make her feel wanted.

Early in the day, we got a crew from the local TV station that wanted to do a story about us. Our fame is apparently spreading, and hopefully our club will experience some goood growth this year.

To see our race results, click on the following links:

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