Present- Jack Adams, Helen Stevens, Jarl Wathne, Ian Hewitt, Mike Cavanaugh, Penny and Scott Smith, Terry Lamb, and Nick Krawczak (Walter interested in membership.)

1. 2018 CVMYC – Members present - 16. DF65 owners - 16. EC12 owners - 6.

2. Treasury-Current Balance presented by Helen Stevens. Pond Insurance renewed by Helen and sent to City.

3. Website- Hits-approaching 35,000.

4. Dues- we voted to raise dues to $30 to help cover mark painting expenses.

5. Marks- Repainted by TR.

6. AMYA membership required for club members to allow pond insurance.

7. Club Logo- Voted to have Jarl pursue a new logo with a Florida graphic designer since Jarl won a free design as silent auction at EC12 National.

8. 2018 Regattas- Scott- entered Tilghman Regatta, had a great time Jarl- EC12 Natl 2nd place.

9. City of Hagerstown- Contract extension option was agreed to with City and CVMYC. Jarl will work with City to get renewal for multiple years- City Activity Guide-CVMYC is again listed.

10. 2019-Racedays- 2nd Sat April-October.

11. Race time Schedule- DF65- 10AM-1PM EC12-1:30-4:00 Lively discussion on throw-outs and we voted to have none and to count all races scored each race day for 2019 season for both classes.

12. Practice racing will still be held on Wednesdays starts at noon. Any club member is welcome, just call or email Jack Adams ahead of time to let him know that you will be coming. His cell phone number is 304-886-5209. We will also have practice racing on 4th Sat.

13. Dinghy this Friday 3/22 Parks Department will bring out of storage. Racing marks will be reset as weather permits prior to the 1st race.

14. 2019 Events- A. City Park FallFest- Sat 9/21- Demonstration racing B. Holiday Tree Lighting-Fri 12/6- sailboats w LED lights for an evening sail demo. Both these public events are very important for club public relations and to draw new members so place them on your calendars and plan to attend.

15. AMYA EC12 Regatta- We voted to host an EC12 one day Regatta- Sat 10/19/19. It will be part of the EC12 Colonial Cup Series and we will likely draw regional skippers from other clubs. Jarl will discuss event with Dave Branning, AMYA Region2 Director to approve the date. Jarl will try to arrange for an experienced Race Director but we will rely on club members who do not have EC12s to provide support for scoring and logistics so plan on being there and help our club look good. Other EC12 events in Midatlantic are NJ Liberty Bell 3/30, Spring Lake NJ 5/18-19, Annapolis MD 8/24-25.

16. MennoHaven Friendship Regatta - Mike C will host the MennoHaven Friendship regatta for DF65s on 5/18.

17. Nametags- Jarl and Helen will work together to provide paid club members with clip-on nametags.

18. Commodore- Jarl will be commodore for 2019.

Submitted by Jarl Wathne, Commodore CVMYC