Race Results April 9, 2022


The Cumberland Valley MYC sailing season started off with great wind resulting in close racing. There were multiple lead changes is most races for both the EC12s and the Dragons. Also many races were won by less than a boat length! Lots of smiles and laughter for the fun we were having.

Five EC12s raced in strong westerly wind on a course that I set along the Northern side. Danny Started strong with a win followed closely by Jarl with Mike C. in third. Returning member Jim S, having taken last year off, prevailed over Bart. But the only thing consistent about Race 2 was Mike C in third. Jarl flipped Danny for the win while Bart swapped positions with Jim. Race 3 Jarl scored a second bullet and Mike C held off Danny for a second. Mike repeated his second the next race beating Jarl while Danny returned to his winning ways. Danny then put the hammer down and won 4 of the last 5 races with Jarl trailing. Bart came on strong scoring 3 thirds in a row. Mike C had a “transmitter issue” so DNF/S the last two races.

1. Danny T-13
2. Jarl W- 16
3. Mike C- 35
4. Bart D- 35
5. Jim S- 38

DF65s had 6 skippers competing with a wind that was much more variable after lunch. Really had to pay attention to see the wind shifts. Jim S brought both boats and promptly started the season with a win! Welcome back. Jarl edged out Mike C for second. Mike L was a solid 4th, followed by Khim B and Debbi L. Mike C then read the wind better and won race 2 with Jarl again 2nd followed by Jim S. Khim improved to fourth followed by Debbi beating Mike L. Race 3 was another 2 laps of lead changes with Jim getting his second win again followed by Jarl. But now Khim kept his climb and secured 3rd with Mike L edging Mike C. Jarl got his only bullet in Race 4. The last two races Mike C nailed both! In the last race Mike L had his best one and held off Jarl for 3rd. This resulted in a threeway points tie for the final tally with the tiebreaker going to Mike C for first place because of his 3 bullets!! Congratulations!! Jim was the second tiebreaker as he had 2 wins vs 1 for Jarl. There was even a tie for 4th and 5th with Mike L getting the nod over Khim. Fun day!

1. Mike C- 13
2. Jim S- 13
3. Jarl W-13
4. Mike L- 26
5. Khim B-26
6. Debbi L-37