Race Results May 8, 2021


What a race day we just had 5/8/21 Saturday! Wind was mostly from the WNW, so came from the parking lot, and varied from 5-10mph in the morning for the EC12s. So Danny and I set a course along the Key St shoreline sailing from Park Circle towards the gazebo. We had seven 12s racing and we got a little late start due to setting the alternate course. But the rain stopped before we started racing and stayed away all morning. Amazingly close racing was the rule of the day as we did 2 ½ laps.  I was first to the windward mark the first 3 races but in the first Danny T ran me down in his relentless fashion and got the bullet followed closely by myself and Mike C. The second race lead I lost by taking Danny up to break his downwind inside overlap but allowing Mike C to slip into the lead. We then continued a one boat length interval for the next 1 ½ laps to the finish with Mike holding onto the bullet to my 2nd and DT 3rd. Meanwhile Scott S rigged up his EC12 w a B rig accidently but still pulled into 4th place in Race 1. He then pulled out for a rig change to his A rig so DNS race 2. Then Terry L used one of the 12s he and I acquired to flip to interested club member and nailed a 4th in Race 2. Bart and Koni D are both new to the EC12 class and raced every race, acquiring knowledge and skills as they go! So after 2 races DT, Mike and I were tied w 4pts. Then Races 3 and 4 I had a 1st and 3rd, Mike had 2-2nds and DT had a 3rd and 1st. So even after 4 races the three of us were tied at 8pts!! But alas, Mike then hiccupped and got 4th the next two while DT and I swapped 1-2, 2-1 to have a two way tie after 6 races. Ine the last race DT and I were overlapped multiple times and exchanged leads but I got the last bullet by about 6 inches while he then rubbed the outside finish mark and had to re round, dropping from 2nd to 4th. The other 4 skippers were also having close racing as they were only separated by 5 points after 4 races. Scott did finish strong w 3- 3rds to take a solid 4th for the day. Terry and Bart were tied going into the last race but Terry edged him out by one point. 

Place   Bullets   Points    Skipper      Sail#

1          3          12            Jarl           188

2          3          15           Danny       1405

3          1          18           Mike C      008

4          -           31          Scott         1504

5          -           37          Terry         1508

6          -           38          Bart          777

7          -           46          Koni         1719


2021 May 08 Race Scores

Jarl Wathne 7
Scott Smith 13
Mike Cavanough 18
Jack Adams 19
Khim Bittle 25
Helen Stevens 34
Mike Lewis 37

Jarl Wathne 12
Danny Thomas 15
Mike Cavanaugh 18
Scott Smith 31
Terry Lamb 37
Bart Drummond 38
Koni Drummond 46


A beatiful day at the lake