Race Summary for June 12, 2021

June races started for the EC12s with Steve Ott bringing out his new-to-him yellow boat. It is a return to Maryland for this boat which was originally registered to a member of Maryland MYC named Hal.

We had 7 boats racing for the first several heats!! Awesome turnout. Wind was light and variable which made for constant adjustments of trim. I won the first race followed by Danny and Scott. But in the second race you should have been there to see the smile as Steve glided across the line in a solid third place in his new boat close behind Danny and I. Danny liked being first so he nailed the next three bullets as well to take a commanding lead. Bart maneuvered his boat to 3rd places in races 3 and 4. Meanwhile race 4 saw 3 of us not finish due to various mechanical issues. I fixed mine and launched late but rallied back to a 3rd in the 5th race and broke Danny's win streak in the 6th race. In race 7 Scott, who had three 2nds in a row put it together in a 3-way photo finish to get his own win by a few inches over myself and then Danny a split second later!! Talk about grinning and laughing all around!. That was fun. Danny easily took the day by 8 pts over me (though he remarked that the 8pts was exactly my penalty for my DNF in Race 4). Scott had a great day and was only 4 pts behind me for 3rd place, followed by Bart and Koni. Speaking of fun, lots of cheering occurred as Koni beat her husband Bart to the finish line in race 6!!
Everyone's sailing skills are improving obviously.
We took a quick lunch and then only 4 of us stayed for DF65 racing. Unfortunately the wind did not stay either and dropped off dramatically so that we only sailed three races before we all voted to stop. Danny and I battled for first and second while Khim and Scott battled for third and fourth with Khim. After two races  it was two two way ties and the third race Danny prevailed for the overall win and Khim beat Scott for 3rd. 

2021 June 12 Race Scores

Danny Thomas 4
Jarl Wathne 5
Khim Bittle 10
Scott Smith 11

Danny Thomas 13
Jarl Wathne 21
Scott Smith 25
Bart Drummond 32
Koni Drummond 42
Terry Lamb 53
Steve Ott 56