October 2021 Race Results

The last regular club race day is in the books. We had a total of 9 skippers including another new member from Menno Haven MYC, Susie Mullally. She is a seasoned big boat racer for many years. We had five EC12s again racing in very light and fluky pond winds. Either Danny or I were 1st or 2nd every race except race 4 when Mike C edged Danny for 2nd. Danny and I were then tied after 5 races. But he won the last two to win the day. Mike was 3rd 6 of 7 races and Bart and Koni battled for 4 and 5 with Bart taking 6 of 7. But again big smiles when she edged him in Race 2.

Danny- 10pts

Jarl-       12pts

Mike C -20pts

Bart-      29pts

Koni-      34pts

After lunch, seven DF65s launched and gathered for the first of 8 races. The first two bullets belonged to Mike C as he benefitted from last week’s Capital Cup Regatta. But the next race I got the bullet and Danny was 2nd with Mike pushed back to 3rd. This left Mike still with a 3pt lead over us. Race 4 Danny got his 1st win. Mike nailed a 2ndand followed that with another win in Race 5 to hold a 4pt lead for the day. But then Mike faltered with 5th places for 2 races which allowed Danny and I to charge back. So going in to the last race then three of us were separated by only 2 pts. I managed to win Race 8 to win by 2 pts over Danny who ended 2 pts ahead of Mike C. Susie got a 2nd in Race 1 as did Nick in Race 6. Susie held on to 4th overall by 3 pts over Nick. Debbi and Mike L battled most races and Debbi took the in-house battle due to a well deserved 4th place in Race 5. Mike also had a boat equipment issue the 1st race.

  1. Jarl 17
  2. Danny 19
  3. Mike C 21
  4. Susie 31
  5. Nick 34
  6. Debbi 55
  7. Mike L 57

-Jarl Wathne