2021 EC12 Hagerstown Regatta

By Jarl Wathne

On Saturday Oct 16th Cumberland Valley MYC hosted the EC12 Regatta at Hagerstown City Park. We welcomed ten skippers from four states to our amazing sailing venue. This manmade 100yr old lake has a sidewalk with limestone wall edge around the entire perimeter and is overlooked by the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts. The weather did not look good with rain showers forecast all day, however the races started dry with a nice South wind.

Danny Thomas, 2001 EC12 National Champion, showed his local knowledge on his home lake by winning three of the first four races. Dave Ramos, defending regatta champion and 2012, 2016, and 2017 EC12 National Champion was 5 points back and had been the single boat to beat Danny once so far.

After six races we broke for lunch as the rain timed it nicely to pelt down now. Danny now had a 7-point lead, over Dave. But joining Dave with consistent front runner scores was Dom Bonanno. Unfortunately, the rain only eased up a little but the wind continued initially so we started back to racing. Danny nailed his 4th bullet in Race 7 but was foiled in Race 8 when his transmitter stopped. But so did the wind. Now we just had drizzle and no wind.

Eventually I had to succumb to the skipper consensus that we were done. Meanwhile Danny had used the break to replace his transmitter/receiver and then also his rudder servo to be sure he was ready to go. Dave had a 3rd and 1st after lunch to end as a solid 2nd place. But Scott Graf made up for his slow start to grab 2 race wins and a 2nd and 3rd to end tied with Dom for 3rd. Scott won the tiebreaker with his wins so Dom had to settle for 4th. Harry Mote took the 5th place trophy with his usual quietly consistent performance.

Summary of 2021 EC12 Hagerstown Regatta

Class: EC12 Date: October 16, 2021
Location: Hagerstown, MD Host Club: Cumberland Valley MYC #405
Entries: 10
Winds: AM moderate South, then tapered to minimal when PM rain came
Races: 8 Scoring: Low point, 1 throw-out
Regatta Committee: Jarl Wathne, Ian Hewitt, Penny Smith, Judy Bonanno

2021 EC12 Hagerstown Regatta Results

Place   Skipper                    Sail#   Points
1          Danny Thomas        405      12
2          Dave Ramos            05        17
3          Scott Graf                74        22
4          Dom Bonanno         88        22
5          Harry Mote              56        34
6          Mike Cavanaugh     08        40
7          Ray Szulczewski     16        45
8          Doug Wotring          51        48
9          Scott Smith             04        56
10        Bart Drummond      77        59

Drone Video of Regatta


Judy Bonnano photo