Racing Classes

RG 65 - Dragon Force

Dragon Force

The Dragon Force 65 is the most popular class in the Cumberland Valley Model Yacht Club. Most of our members own one, and the racing turnout for this class is heavy.

This is a great introductory boat for beginners, as well as seasoned skippers, due to the fact that you can put one together for $200 or less. The boats are sold in kit form. everything you need except the shortened keel is packed into one box. When you purchase your kit, be sure to get a short keel, since the ponds we sail in are shallow. When you purchse your kit, get your sail number from the RG 65 Class Owner's Association at the same time, because it is a lot easier to put your sail number on your sails before you attach them to the boat! They are also a lot of fun to sail, since they are very fast and very responsive!

The DF 65 is the oldest new class in the American Model Yachting Association. These “right size” pocket rockets are big enough to sail like a real boat, small enough to fit rigged in a tiny car, and light enough to provide competitive, action-packed racing. They are also economical: you can build a competitive boat, radio and all, for around $200. The DF 65 class is defined by a very simple set of limits on basic dimensions and characteristics of a boat: a monohull that is 65 centimeters (25.6 inches) long, with a rig no higher than 110 centimeters (43.3 inches) and carrying a maximum of 2250 square centimeters (348.7 square inches) of sail area. You can have two radio channels and three rigs of different sizes to cope with varying winds. And that’s about it.

About the Dragon Force 65

Lightweight/Most boats weigh about 1 Kg
Portable/Can fit fully rigged in a small car
Economical/Smaller servos , parts and sails keep costs reasonable
Durable/Multiple rigs allow for these boats to handle nearly any wind
Fast/High Aspect sails, Hi tech rigs  and unlimited boat designs allow RG65s to push open the performance envelope.Sales of the Dragon Force RG 65 available at Dragon Sailing

When purchasing your kit, be sure to purchase a shortened keel in addition to the main kit. Our lake is too shallow to race with the long keel that comes with the kit. Also, please note that they are selling the kits either with or without a transmitter and receiver. Unless you know what you're doing, get the kit with the transmitter and receiver. Don't worry about getting the updated transmitter and receiver. It is not necessary.

The kit comes with detailed instructions, but the first time builder may find them confusing. You will find that many club members will be willing to help you build your kit.

How to build your very own Dragon Force RG 65


EC 12 model yacht

The EC-12 is owned by a number of club members and raced on the afternoon of the first Saturday of the month during sailing season. This boat is about three feet long through the hull, and heavy. They are beloved by serious racers, and make a dramatic sight as they swoop through the race course.

They are harder to find than the Dragon Force, and would run you about $3,000 for a new one. They also require specialized sails and a fair amount of storage space. From time to time, we do have notices of used EC-12's in our For Sail page.

The EC-12M is one of the one-design classes comprising the AMYA-recognized fleet. Class specifications govern virtually every aspect of these yachts from hull and sail design to permitted remote controlled functions. Approximately 5 feet long, with a mast standing about six feet over the deck, the EC-12M weighs in at about twenty-three pounds.

Originally a towing tank model for a Charlie Morgan twelve meter, the EC-12M can be transported in all but the smallest of cars, sailed in shallow waters, and in winds from mere zephyrs to light gales. The hull is shaped so as to shed dead leaves and other flotsam and jetsam, an important feature when sailing on inland lakes.

EC-12 Specs:

    LOA    58.75"
    LWL    42" to 43"
    Beam    11.14"
    Draft    7.875"
    Displ.    Approx. 24 lbs
    Sail Area  Approx. 1,300 sq in
    Mast    72" above deck
    Radio functions  (limit 4)
      Main sheet
      Jib sheet
      Jib twitcher